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HAL is a fictional artificial intelligence character and the main antagonist in Arthur C. Clarke 's Space Odyssey series. While part of HAL's hardware is shown toward the end of the film, he is mostly depicted as a camera lens containing a red or yellow dot, instances of which are located throughout the ship.

HAL speaks in a soft, calm voice and a conversational manner, in contrast to the crewmen, David Bowman and Frank Poole. The activation year was in earlier screenplays and changed to in Clarke's novel written and released in conjunction with the movie.

The film says this occurred inwhile the book gives as HAL's birth year.

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In A Space OdysseyHAL is initially considered a dependable member of the crew, maintaining ship functions and engaging genially with his human crew-mates on an equal footing. In the film, the artificial intelligence is shown to triumph easily. However, as time progresses, HAL begins to malfunction in subtle ways and, as a result, the decision is made to shut down HAL in order to prevent more serious malfunctions.

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The sequence of events and manner in which HAL is shut down differs between the novel and film versions of the story. In the aforementioned game of chess HAL makes minor and undetected mistakes in his analysis, a possible foreshadowing to HAL's malfunctioning. In the film, astronauts David Bowman and Frank Poole consider disconnecting HAL's cognitive circuits when he appears to be mistaken in reporting the presence of a fault in the spacecraft's communications antenna.

They attempt to conceal what they are saying, but are unaware that HAL can read their lips. Faced with the prospect of disconnection, HAL decides to kill the astronauts in order to protect and continue his programmed directives.

When Bowman, without a space helmet, uses another pod to attempt to rescue Poole, HAL locks him out of the ship, then disconnects the life support systems of the other hibernating crew members. Bowman circumvents HAL's control, entering the ship by manually opening an emergency airlock with his service pod's clamps, detaching the pod door via its explosive bolts.

Bowman jumps across empty space, reenters Discoveryand quickly re-pressurizes the airlock. While HAL's motivations are ambiguous in the film, the novel explains that the computer is unable to resolve a conflict between his general mission to relay information accurately, and orders specific to the mission requiring that he withhold from Bowman and Poole the true purpose of the mission.

This withholding is considered essential after the findings of a fictional psychological experiment, Project BARSOOM, where humans were made to believe that there had been alien contact.

In every person tested, a deep-seated xenophobia was revealed, which was unknowingly replicated in HAL's constructed personality. Mission Control did not want the crew of Discovery to have their thinking compromised by the knowledge that alien contact was already real.

With the crew dead, HAL reasons, he would not need to lie to them. After Frank is killed while attempting to repair the communications antenna he is pulled away into deep space using the safety tether which is still attached to both the pod and Frank Poole's spacesuit. Dave begins to revive his hibernating crew mates, but is foiled when HAL vents the ship's atmosphere into the vacuum of space, killing the awakening crew members and almost killing Bowman, who is only narrowly saved when he finds his way to an emergency chamber which has its own oxygen supply and a spare space suit inside.

In both versions, Bowman then proceeds to shut down the machine. In the film, HAL's central core is depicted as a crawlspace full of brightly lit computer modules mounted in arrays from which they can be inserted or removed. HAL finally reverts to material that was programmed into him early in his memory, including announcing the date he became operational as 12 January in the novel, When HAL's logic is completely gone, he begins singing the song " Daisy Bell " and starts slowing down and changing pitch similar to an old electronic game running low on batteries in actuality, the first song sung by a computer, which Clarke had earlier observed at a text-to-speech demonstration.

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Chandra, who arrives on the Soviet spaceship Leonov. Prior to leaving Earth, Dr. Whereas HAL was characterized as being "male", SAL is characterized as being "female" voiced by Candice Bergen and is represented by a blue camera eye instead of a red one. Chandra discovers that HAL's crisis was caused by a programming contradiction: he was constructed for "the accurate processing of information without distortion or concealment", yet his orders, directly from Dr. Heywood Floyd at the National Council on Astronautics, required him to keep the discovery of the Monolith TMA-1 a secret for reasons of national security.

Therefore, HAL made the decision to kill the crew, thereby allowing him to obey both his hardwired instructions to report data truthfully and in full, and his orders to keep the monolith a secret.

In essence: if the crew were dead, he would no longer have to keep the information secret. The alien intelligence initiates a terraforming scheme, placing the Leonovand everybody in it, in danger. Its human crew devises an escape plan which unfortunately requires leaving the Discovery and HAL behind to be destroyed. Chandra explains the danger, and HAL willingly sacrifices himself so that the astronauts may escape safely. In the moment of his destruction the monolith-makers transform HAL into a non-corporeal being so that David Bowman's avatar may have a companion.

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arthur hirai la ai

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arthur hirai la ai

Q: How can I buy a beat? A: Simply browse through the beats listed on Gemtracks. You are able to listen to the free previews or download them onto your device. When you have found a beat that you like, simple click the BUY NOW link and you will be transferred to the checkout page. Q: When will I receive my purchased beat? A: Once you have made your payment, the beat will be delivered to your email immediately. Q: Will the voice tag be removed after I purchase a beat?

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Q: What payment methods do you accept? A: We accept both PayPal and credit card. Our website uses big SSL encryption to ensure your privacy and safety.As the evolution of AI continues, challenges do remain especially when it comes to the effects of bias in models.

Arthur is a comprehensive monitoring solution, fairness assessment tool, and model management platform that allows firms to gain oversight and control of their machine learning systems.

The platform gives companies the confidence that they are scaling with visibility as a simple mistake can become catastrophic as AI-powered models scale. Tell us about the product or service that Arthur AI offers. Arthur is a proactive model monitoring solution that gives data science teams the confidence that their AI deployments are performing as expected, and the peace of mind that they can catch and fix issues before they derail models.

No matter where models are deployed, Arthur brings them all into view in a centralized platform. In our previous roles as enterprise AI leaders, we needed visibility into the large-scale systems we had built.

We understood the importance of getting alerted to issues before small inaccuracies become million-dollar problems. Our desire for these tools is part of a growing trend. Since we started Arthur, the market has become more and more aware of the need for better oversight and control over their machine learning systems.

Because ML monitoring is our singular focus, our tools go well beyond what the major cloud providers offer—we allow for greater customization of monitoring and alerting. This is a major differentiator and key for organizations that have models deployed across lots of different platforms and places, from AWS to Azure to on-prem in their data centers.

Any company that is deploying AI in production should have an ML monitoring solution in place on day one. We sell software through both a SaaS and an on-prem model. When helpful we also partner more deeply with organizations via expert workshops and white glove services. The pandemic has created a huge acceleration in the move to digital services. On top of that, the massive shift in consumer habits has wreaked havoc on many machine learning models that were trained on historical data that now looks wildly different from the way the world is today.

But we were fortunate that there is a lot of interest in AI and in particular our focus areas. Consequently, we were able to be very targeted and work with our favorite investors!

Selecting the right partners on any journey is a supremely important challenge. We were very important to have longstanding relationships with the teams at Index and other key investors. One of the challenges we undertook in our latest investment round was to build a very diverse group of investors. Given our work, diversity at all levels is an existential issue. Our investors, first and foremost, believe strongly in our product, our team, and our mission.

arthur hirai la ai

The people who choose to join you on the journey ultimately determine your success. We are very grateful for the team that has come together at Arthur. One of our biggest goals over the next six months is to hire people in a few key roles—we need to grow our sales and marketing teams, and we also need to hire more engineers. We have some really cool capabilities coming out that enable teams doing work in unstructured data — NLP and Computer Vision in particular — to deploy their models with confidence.

Monitoring drift, explaining predictions, and protecting against unintentional bias in those cases requires a whole new way of thinking about ML. What advice can you offer companies in New York that do not have a fresh injection of capital in the bank?ArthurAI provides real-time visibility into model performance and outcomes, and alerts you the moment things start to go off the rails—whether your models are experiencing data drift, exhibiting algorithmic bias, or simply not performing as expected.

No more surprises from your production AI systems. No more toggling between multiple tools; bring all your deployments into view in a single dashboard. With the Arthur platform, checking their output and status at a glance is easy. We can spot issues early and with the ability to introspect the model run, easily diagnose and fix models reducing downtime. Couple that with custom alerting, we know there won't be any surprises with our ML operations. Arthur gives us confidence that our ML systems continue to achieve high rates of accuracy.

With advanced monitoring and alerts across a variety of performance metrics, debug issues faster—so you can spend more time solving interesting problems, not babysitting models. Fintech company TrueBill relies on ArthurAI to monitor the performance of its LTV and customer churn models, catching and fixing data drift before real problems arise.

Health insurance provider Humana is using ArthurAI to monitor and mitigate bias in its preventative care models, ensuring fair and explainable outcomes. A lot can go wrong when your machine learning models come out of the lab and meet the real world.

Vua Arthur có phải là nhân vật có thật hay không?

The Arthur platform can help you detect, diagnose, and correct all of the core problems that commonly befall production models. Build trust in your machine learning systems with local explanations for model predictions, useful for both debugging and regulatory compliance.

Contact Arthur. Use Case: Healthcare Humana Health insurance provider Humana is using ArthurAI to monitor and mitigate bias in its preventative care models, ensuring fair and explainable outcomes. Schedule Demo. Explainability Build trust in your machine learning systems with local explanations for model predictions, useful for both debugging and regulatory compliance.Taking Stock at Year-End An in-depth self-appraisal can jumpstart your 2018 action plan.

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